another type of hotspring.

‘Ashiyu’ is Japanese another type of public bath. People can have bathing only their feet, therefore you do not need to take your all clothes off and you can access ‘Ashiyu’ in free in majoryty of places.

You can find ‘ahisyu’ at variety of places such as in train station of country side, near Japanese traditional hotel that is called ‘ryokan’ or park.

I can suggest couple of effects of ‘ashiyu’. ‘Ashiyu’ can be warming up your body temperature from feet slowly, that mean you can be warmed up inside body. If you have a bathing, people usually be warmed up just surface of body. That can help blood circulation of body as expanding blood vessels.

It could be a one of reason as a long life of Japanese people…

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Do you know the rule of ‘onsen’ (‘hot spring’ in Japanese)??

‘Onsen’ is Japanese for ‘hot spring’. ‘Onsen’ culture is sopopular in Japan because there is volcanic active country. That istraditionally used as public bathing places in-door and out-door , also that is very popular as domestic tourism.

I reffered ‘onsen’ is public bathing places, that means you need to take all your clothes off including your underwear in public. People are usually sharing a huge bathtub msych as in the picturer above and have a chat together. Of course, man and woman are using a bathtub separetely. However, few ‘onsen’ places are sharing same bathtub but that is very rare. I think that style is very unusual  custom especially in western culture. Do you think you can accept or want to try to take the bathing style??

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